Dynamic Balancing

Many factors affect weight distribution every day: Manufacture, Installation, Repair, Modifications, Combined overall machine levels, Speed, Material Buildup or Breakoff, Wear or Corrosion. Uneven weight distribution causes vibration. Enough vibration will damage even the most well-built equipment.

Burdick Bros. Inc. can stop damaging vibration by balancing most anything that rotates. We offer both in-house and on-site balancing services so our customers can choose the best option for their needs.

An out-of-balance machine can cause:

Rattling Shaking Bouncing Bearing Failure
Increased Energy Costs Loosening of Bolts and Fasteners Structural Failure Increased Safety Risk

Examples of equipment that benefits from balancing:

Combine Rotors Flail Stalk Chopper Rolls Augers Stripper Heads
Fans of All Sizes Grain Dryers Hay Grinders Hammer Mills
Mixers and Grinders Industrial Equipment Machining Centers Any rotating Part

In-House Dynamic Balancing

Balancing in our shop is recommended in most cases. If the rotor has been removed for repair or if balancing in place is not practical it is always the best option. For smaller items that are easy to transport, In-House balancing is more cost-effective. We are easy to find on US 212, near US 281 in Redfield, South Dakota. We can even arrange same-day service if scheduled ahead.

One part or production runs
Parts up to 8 ft in diameter
Parts up to 21 ft long
Parts up to 5,000 lbs

On-Site Dynamic Balancing

For larger items that cannot be transported, Burdick Bros has state-of-the-art equipment to detect and correct unbalance at your home site.
On-Site Balancing saves disassembly labor time, transportation costs and logistics. It allows all operating factors to be considered, permits quick turnaround and saves removal and transportation.

Further savings – extend the life of bearings, seals, couplers and machines with Vibration Analysis and Laser Alignment.