Laser Alignment

Laser Alignment consistently achieves a high standard of accuracy in a short amount of time. “Eyeballing” is subject to error; human perception cannot attain laser accuracy. Dial indicators are also not as accurate and take more time than Laser Alignment. We use world-leading Pruftechnik Rotalign Pro instrument calibrated to ISO standards. Quick, accurate adjustments are made for thermal growth and soft foot.

Misalignment accelerates wear and tear – costing you money. Even a small amount of misalignment will deteriorate a machine faster than necessary. This misalignment will shorten the life of couplers, seals, and bearings, which take time and money to replace. Not only that, but a misaligned machine requires more energy to operate, and reduces the quality, accuracy
Interrupts production with repair downtime
Reduces efficiency and production
Lowers quality and accuracy
Reduces capacity of machine

Align Horizontal and Vertical Machines
Machine Train Alignment
Thermal Growth Computation
Soft Foot Detection

Why Laser Align?
Couplers and Seals will Last Longer
Eliminate middle of the night heating or cooling failures from worn out couplers
Save 10-15% on energy costs
Align to .002″ accuracy, instead of .02″ with straight edges or eyeballing
Compensate for thermal Growth
Despite common misconception, flexible couplers are not made to offset misalignment
Installation and repair errors can affect alignment