In-House Dynamic Balancing


Burdick Bros. Inc. can stop damaging vibration by balancing your Combine Rotors, Straw Choppers, fans of all sizes – most anything that rotates.Balancing in our shop is recommended if the rotor is removed for repair or if balancing in place is not practical. We are easy to find on US 212, near US 281 in Redfield, South Dakota.  We can arrange same-day service if scheduled ahead.

In-House Dynamic Balancing:

Examples of equipment that benefits from balancing:

  • Combine rotors
  • Fans of all  sizes
  • Flail stalk chopper rolls
  • Augers
  • Grinders
  • Hay grinders
  • Any rotating part!

Uneven weight distribution creates excessive force in rotating equipment. hay grinderThis unbalance results in excessive vibration which causes premature bearing failure, extra energy to operate the machine, annoying shaking and rattling, foundation or structure cracks, or loosening of bolts and mounting.

Product accuracy is affected, safety is compromised, and equipment will need to be replaced sooner than necessary.

Unbalance is common in rotating equipment. Almost all rotating equipment will benefit from Dynamic Balancing at some time simply because so many factors affect weight distribution every day:

Detect the real root cause – Vibration Analysis determines if unbalance is the cause or if other faults are causing excessive vibration. Custom Monitoring prevents damage by detecting unbalance and other faults before vibration is noticeable.

For larger items that cannot be transported, see our On-Site Dynamic Balancing Balancing on-site saves time and costs. It allows all operating factors to be considered, permits quick turnaround and saves removal and transportation.

Balance Stripper Head Rotors                      BalancingBalancing Fan Wheel