On-Site Dynamic Balancing


Stop Damaging Vibration! Uneven weight distribution creates excessive force in rotating equipment. This unbalance results in excessive vibration which causes premature bearing failure, uses extra energy to operate the machine, triggers annoying shaking and rattling, foundation or structure cracks, or loosening of bolts and mounting.   A result of unbalance is that product accuracy is affected, safety is compromised, and machines require replacement sooner than necessary.   Unbalance is common in rotating equipment. Almost all rotating equipment will benefit from Dynamic Balancing at some time simply because so many factors affect weight distribution every day: Manufacture, Installation, Repair, Modifications, Combined overall machine levels, Speed, Material Buildup or Breakoff, Wear or Corrosion.


An out-of-balance machine can cause:
  • Bearing Failure
  • Wasted Energy
  • Poor Efficiency
  • Vibration
  • Structural Failure

Burdick Bros. provides:

On-site Balancing

    • Burdick Bros. has state-of-the-art equipment to detect and correct unbalance.
    • On-Site Balancing saves disassembly labor time, transportation costs and logistics. It takes operating conditions into consideration.
           In addition, vibration analysis can determine whether or not unbalance is the problem, or if it is something else.

Examples of equipment that benefits from on-site balancing:

  • Fans of all sizes
  • Grinders
  • Hay grinders
  • Grain dryers
  • Hammer mills
  • Mixers
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Machining Centers

Detect the real root cause – Vibration Analysis determines if unbalance is the cause or if other faults are causing excessive vibration. Quarterly Monitoring prevents damage by detecting unbalance and other faults before vibration is noticeable. For smaller items that can be transported, see our In-House Dynamic Balancing. Balancing in our shop is recommended if/when the rotor is removed for repair or if balancing in place in not practical.

Further savings – extend the life of bearings, seals, couplers and machines with Vibration Analysis and Laser Alignment.