Machine Diagnostics

Burdick Bros. is the leading provider of machinery analysis services in the upper Midwest. We provide services to a variety of industries, including:
Ethanol, Grain, Food, Metals, Lumber, Concrete, Mining, Schools, Hospitals, Water Treatment, Processing, Manufacturing, and more

Machinery Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis determines if excessive vibration is caused by unbalance, misalignment, bearing failure, or other faults. Machine diagnostics include developing an appropriate program for your needs, collecting data, and analyzing the results. During data collection, our technicians are able to observe conditions affecting machine performance that are easily missed in busy day-to-day operations. Detailed diagnostic documentation accompanies each analysis.

We use data analysis to evaluate actual machine condition – preventing damage from machine faults you don’t even know about. Vibration measurements identify individual machine faults and help to identify their root cause. This allows us to determine if balancing or alignment will correct the problem. Vibration analysis offers advance warning of developing problems so that you can avoid damage to machines and untimely shutdowns. It allows you to know actual machine condition and avoid replacement of good components. Vibration analysis will also verify the accuracy of an installation or modification before the warranty expires. The service can also be used to verify lowered vibration levels after a repair or replacement, and to identify additional existing faults. Be prepared: reduce damage, prevent unplanned downtime, and enhance safety.

Predictive Maintenance

Let us help you to keep an eye on the health of your machinery with periodic monitoring. Periodic monitoring over time provides data that makes any deviation from baseline noticeable. This allows you to spot trends through consistent measurement. The primary objective of a predictive maintenance program is to improve machinery reliability by identifying problems before they cause failures. The secondary objective is to provide advance warning of developing problems before these machines fail catastrophically during a production run.

Historical comparison using identical settings and equipment instantly reveals changes or patterns not visible in individual measurements. Trends allow us to reveal patterns in similar or nearby machines and speed up diagnosis of machine faults. Monitored machines operate more efficiently and dependably when repairs are made as needed. Periodic monitoring prevents unnecessary downtime, overtime, and loss.

Customized Monitoring Services

Every company is different. With our custom monitoring programs, you are in control. You get to choose the equipment that you want to be checked in your facility. You are only charged for data collected once everything is set up and in place. We provide flexibility to add or remove machines to the program as time goes on.

Some companies may want to be able to do their own data collection and analyze it in-house. Those companies can purchase software, training, and equipment. Other companies might not be ready for that level of commitment and can rely on Burdick Bros for scheduled collection and analysis. We work with you to determine the level of service your business needs.

Whatever program you choose, once your Schenck vibration analysis software is set up and working properly our experienced analysts can prepare your comprehensive reports from your on-site data. Enjoy the flexibility, control and quick turnaround of your own affordable Custom Monitoring Program now. Add software and training later, as budget and time allow.

Purchase Equipment

Burdick Bros is the Upper Midwest representative for world-leading balancing and diagnostic SCHENCK equipment and accessories. Permanently mounted sensors and handheld equipment are available to meet whatever needs your industry may have.

Easily set up or add to your own on-site Predictive Maintenance program to prevent machine wear and damage. You can even arrange to send your data to Burdick Bros and our experienced analysts can provide you with comprehensive reports.